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I love to wear woman's clothing, is it really such a big deal now days? :))?
I have always adored women's panties, lingerie and clothing! In fact, even now as a mature middle-aged man I get a little upset at the fact that women get all the fun in picking out fashion, style and comfort while men just wear the same old garbage day in and day out! Why is it that women get to have all the fun? Why is it that women get to have a million different styles of panties and bras while men have 3 basic styles?!! That's absolutely insane!! I was in a major shoe store the other day and I found over 100 pairs of different kinds of women's boots for this winter, guess how many men's? About 8 pair and most were garbage!!
I digress! Ladies, is it such a big deal now? Tell me your thoughts please. I don't have too many lady friends to bounce my thoughts off of and I would love more thought provoking comments from the ladies side of the peanut gallery. I love lingerie, camisoles, Teddy's, Long Satin gowns and even some naughty stuff once in a while! I think women are very fortunate and blessed in this way.

Your thoughts are appreciated...
thats very strange but ill help anyways!... i think its because women have to impress people more. we are claimed as the weaker sex so we try to use everything we have to get what we want in life. to be honest, i cant stand wearing those sexy panties or whatever. they are so uncomfortable. i really think alot of the women who do wear them think that too, its just what is "in" so they try to fit in with everyone else but claim they want to be different

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