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How do you lesbian french kiss?
I have a girlfriend, (yes i am a girl) and we kiss ALOT. We went shopping for thongs and bras together and thought it was time to french kiss 2night. Tell me wat to do with my hands and legs!
I agree with Hailey (above) here. It's the same as a straight french kiss. Though, if it'll be your first french kiss ever, the best advice is: RELAX. Just try it out a little what you like and don't like.
...Oh and don't shove your tongue in the throat of the other! That's really a no-no. Take it easy, and if your partner already had a french kiss let her teach you some tricks :)
If you were forced to, would you french kiss Gilbert Gottfried or a lesbian Rosie O'Donnell?
If you were forced to, would you french kiss Gilbert Gottfried or a lesbian Rosie O'Donnell?

IF you were FORCED to.
Well if I was forced then I have no choice but to french one of them. Your choices are hideous. I am not a lesbian so I guess I would have to do Gilbert Gottfried.
Is it wrong for two girl cousins to French kiss? Does this make me lesbian?
We were in the back yard and I knew she was bi so I told her I wanted to kiss her so we did. I thought it was really fun so we did it for awhile. We didn't feel a spark or anything we just think that it is fun. (Not sure if it helps but we were both11.
I'm sorry you've gotten unhelpful answers. What you did is normal sexual experimentation and it doesn't make you lesbian. Eleven is too young for your cousin to be certain she is bisexual--she probably just regards herself as adventurous and willing to try experimenting with both genders. The "spark" that wasn't there is sexual attraction that a lesbian would feel with the right girl and a heterosexual girl would feel with the right boy.
I'm a Girl but I like to French Kiss Girls because it's so Fun... Am I a Lesbian?
Especially when I'm at party, and I see a guy I like. I start making out with a girl I know, we touch each other boobs and stuff while French kissing, like getting all raunchy and sexy. Becuz thats what turns guys on. I like to get their attention. It works everytime! Am I a lesbian?
Well if you're doing it for the guy... and wouldn't consider a relationship with a girl then you're just bi-curious.
Would a girl french kiss another girl even if they are not lesbians?
Whenever i ask a girl i know she would say yes i would try why not... i thought u girls find that disgusting in fact they accept even if they are not lesbian, they would try... what do u think about that girls would u french kiss a girl even if u are straight?
If I was straight I would probably try it once. Only out of curiosity NOT for a guys attention!

People who are homophobic would find it disgusting. Not someone who is open minded.
Why did my best friend french kiss me today?
What exactly does this mean? My best friend is a girl by the way ... I'm not even lesbian, but it was a nice kiss and I did enjoy it. I'm confused. Why did she french kiss me??
Because she likes you,
Im 13 and i think i may be a lesbian. i want to kiss a girl so i can feel what its like what should i do?
ive always wanted to kiss a girl and kissing boys doesnt seem specail to me. ive french kissed a boy before and it didnt feel right. can u help what i should do?
Hopefully this is just a 50 year old truck driver having 'fun' on Yahoo! and not actually a 13 year old guy asking about being a lesbian..

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