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What do you think if i want to be a gay escort?
I want to be a gay escort but i`m a liitle afraid to apply to a escort site to make a profile there or to go to a agency for escort. I have some adds from Germany and Holland but im afraid to go there, i dont know what is gonna happend there with me. Some one here has some experience in that please need some help.
You should really think it through because you come accross as way to nervous to be an escort, your question doesn't sound like it's from someone who could cope with the lifestyle... Regardless of what people think of escorts, it is a profession for the strong minded, self confident & someone who knows who they are on a deep level.
The person who said it's not glamorous is incorrect to Some extent, depending if you live in a big city like London or New York, a lot of clients are high profile, millionaires, will fly you around the world and a lot are average joe's who save up their paychecks for months to meet you, some are outright rude and treat you as property. The lifestyle and interactions can make or break people, if you're insecure, easily misguided it can crush people like that, if you're adventurous & strong willed it can enhance your life in incredible ways.

Escorts are selling a service that they are good at and is in high demand, a builder will rent their body out and take risks to their health for 8 hours a day for the minimum wage, escorts can rent their body out for one hour a day and have a very high standard of living. Succesful escorts travel internationally and are educated or at least intelligent.

Most escorts come in to the business to set themselves up for the future e.g. start their own business which if you save your money can possible, like modelling it has to be a tempory stepping stone where you get in make money get out and hopefully have lots of prospects open to you from it, others come in to the business and get carried away with drugs, their self esteem diminishes and end up being street prostitutes when their looks fade, it depends how your state of mind is.

If you can hold a conversation with anyone, adapt to situations very easily and have a business mind, and are able to plan flights book hotels/sublets around the world and are smart enough to see it as business, then it might work for you. Don't be fooled in to thinking you can make thousands of pounds/dollars a week unless you live in a metropolitan City. Don't get in to it at all unless you have authentic confidence, self respect & love for your self.

Most of all educate your self on sexual health, work on self developement reguraly, and do what you feel you put your to do.
I would like to start a gay escort service in ny for mature men?
I am a mature gay male who has been taking dates to suppliment my income and would like to find others doing the same in ny
ok well good luck with that
What are the best and most popular gay escort websites for daytona?
Escort here moving to daytona. is a great new Free Classified site.

It has an adult section including escorts, adult jobs, swingers, GFE, Fetish...etc.

NO Hidden Fees & NO Registration needed.

Hope this helps!
How to become a gay escort in madison wi?
i really would like to know how to get hired as a gay escort in the madison wi area
Considering it is illegal I wouldn't do it. If you must try Craigslist from what I've heard they advertise for everything on that site.
Where can I find a gay escort agency in Baltimore Maryland?
Hi I'm 19 years old Latin .... I'm looking for a gay escort agency in Baltimore Maryland .....can u help me please
Classified ads in the back of local gay publications.
Are there any gay male escort agencies in Chicago?
Not looking for websites. I mean like traditional agencies.
The weekly alternative freebee newspapers should have plenty of ads for both agencies and individuals. z
Is there any free sites to advertise a gay male escort?
I'm an independent male escort and I'm looking for more ways to advertise and get my name out there with little to no cost.
Who can help me find a good gay escort agency to work for in Cape Town?
I'm moving to Cape Town in desember, and i wanna work as a escort, but it's hard to find a agency if you are not living there. can anyone help me. please....
only people that can help me really...
I swear why would anyone want to work as an escort ?

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