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How to go about asking out a hot girl in my college class, harder since she is always with 2 friends?
So there is this nice, good looking girl in my class in college. But she is always with her 2 friends. How should I go about asking her out/getting her number?
Just get the friends to like you. The key is starting a conversation that doesn't feel like you're intruding on their conversation, but adding to it. But if you have good conversational/flirting skills, talk to the two friends and flirt with them. They'll like you, and then she'll like you because they like you (see: social proof). Then turn your attention to her a little bit more, and go for the phone number.

The best way to get the phone number without seeming awkward is to figure out something you have in common that can/will take place at a future date (for instance, a movie you both want to see or a concert you both want to go to) and then just say "give me your number and I'll call you."
Who would you reather date a hot college girl and no intelect or a girl with a lot of intelect but is not hot?
the hot girl has nice **** and the other is ugly
The smart one. The fact that they are ugly goes away easily for a short period of time.

There is this one girl. She was butt ugly (the ugliest girls in the class) and I had her for my project. We worked together and talked. The ugliness falls away and I had a huge crush on her. Now I think she looks hot for some weird reason. I hanged around this hot girl all the time because I had a crush on her also. For about 2 months, she looked ugly to me. Weird effect.
Can i do this with a hot college girl?
I can seduce her to enter a bedroom with her wearing a body-hugging nightie, and then make out with a her before she hikes the nightie up to show her panties. Than can i remove her bra, flashing her right nipple before I lean over to kiss her breast before she gets wrapped naked around me?
If you have pick-up line as awesome as 'Does this smell like chloroform to you?', then yes.
How do you get cute/pretty/hot girls at a college party?
I'm going to college soon and I had a hot girlfriend last year. I know of a dozen girls that think I'm hot and at the least cute, but I'm not sure how to get a pretty girl at college. Should i just walk up to a group of girls and start dancing with them? Whats the best way to go about finding cute/pretty/attractive college girls? What's your experience? Girls opinions are very welcome :)
this one u might of heard a thousand times but b ur self!!!! the girls will long 4u if u show them who u really r! dont try 2 be who ur not and definitely dont try to hard ! good luc
Do hot fit college girls mind sleeping with a guy with a hot face but soft body with a beer belly?
If you're a college girl and you met this guy at a party - he's hot on the outside (clothes hide the fat), and he was confident enough to take you back. NOW, when you get in bed, you realize he's soft and has a beer belly sticking out. Would you be grossed out, or would you still have sex with him?
Well i dont really think any girls would say eww and walk out. So im guessing they would stay and have sex with you x :)
There's this really hot girl at my college gym, how should I approach her?
I've seen her working out there 3 times now, she seems to like me too from how she looks at me and smiles. Sometimes she is with friends (guys and girls), but today she was alone. I want to come talk to her but not seem too aggressive. She's definitely one of the hottest girls I've seen there.
1st what collage? And just walk over to her and be like hows your day or how are you? Or after the class ask her some questions like. What class you have next. Just try to be her friend first.
Why is every white hot girl in American colleges borderline retarded and likes men that are same mental level?
If you go to any university college the hot girls dislike any sophisticated guy with worldly intelligence and like men that are loud, drunk, unkept, as if they are inbred and retarded.
And i don't count the fat ones as hot, so fat ones are not in this category.
In Europe and Russia, when I was there, they have a majority of hot girls, and in their universities, if a man is smart, cool, and collected that turns them on.
Not everyone of them. I've had a few conversations with some college girls that made me laugh though.
Is it weird to see an asian guy with a HOT white girl on your college campus?
When you see an asian guy holding a super-hot white girl and they're walking around campus, do you give them a second look?
Many Asian guys are very well adapted to Western culture. Others on the other hand, likely had parents who clamped down hard on them and made sure they retained at least part of their Asian ways. This retention can often get in the way of Asian guy-Caucasian girl relationships as I've found from personal experience. Asian girls are less affected by this. One Chinese girl I know has one personality for home and one for the Western world outside. It's kind of odd observing her change personalities but it helps them work things out.

In terms of relationships, Asian guys want to make sure they can benefit in some way from a relationship (i.e. insight on work), which is why we value intelligence so much. We also don't like our girlfriends to get in the way of our studies, which we may value far more than a relationship. We also like girls that are easy to converse with and in general, nice to us. Since you rarely see a very attractive white girl being nice to an Asian guy asking her out, this is yet another barrier to this kind of relationship. Add to this the fact that Asians won't waste their time on chasing a girl they think requires too much time to chase, which as I've found, is rather necessary for super-hot Caucasian girls.

To sum it up: For a Caucasian girl-Asian guy relationship to work (that is, assuming the Asian is NOT whitewashed, and even if he is, it's still tough), the Caucasian girl has to prove that she will not affect the Asian guy's work in any way while the Asian guy has to prove to the Caucasian girl that he actually gives a damn about her. I don't think these conditions are satisfied very often and I'd give that couple around campus a second look any day.
What is a funny but hot costume for a blonde college girl to wear?
Going to a lot of parties and I'm just looking for something that is cute but not slutty. I've been having trouble think of good ideas... people tell me that I look like Jessica Simpson but I want to stay away from daisey duke. Any ideas?

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