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Where can I find an Asian sex slave?
I really want one so I can have sex while it does my homework(no fat ones gender doesn't matter)
Is it me or are these questions on here getting more weird?
Did the romans have asian slaves?
i mean if they had boy sex slaves, it's obvious the asian ones would be most appealing since they would be somewhat hairless and have a more youthful face
The parts of Asia that was closest to the Roman Empire was the near East, where people did not have the sort of traits you describe. They would have to go very far east to find people with these traits.
Is anybody reading, or has anybody read, Many Middle Passages: Forced Migration and the Making of the Modern?
-World? a collection of essays edited by Emma Christopher, Cassandra Pybus, & Marcus Rediker-- It is heavy reading, but its descriptions of Indian Ocean slave shipping, Australian Prisoner Exile, and Asian sex slaves, are sobering and reveal much about social psychology in mixed ethnic and cultural environments.
never read it
Shouldn't L.A. be more concerned about sex slave traffic in their city than Arizona's immigration law?

"Whether they come from Russia, China, or Mexico itself, it is often easiest for traffickers to bring the females across the U.S./Mexico border because it is not sufficiently guarded. Some go through checkpoints with fraudulent paperwork. Others go by foot. The U.S. State Department estimates that 10,000 human beings are trafficked into the States as sex slaves. Numbers available almost 10 years ago show that there were 5,000 Asian female sex slaves in Los Angeles alone. However, it is impossible to know exact figures because victims are tormented and intimidated into silence."
LA is a total mess, and the law in Arizona is a way for the idiots on LA's city council to divert attention away from their own failure.
Why did Japan never pay any reparation to the victims and/or their families?
More than 19 million to 35 million Chinese people perished because of Japan's invasion of China, and also the fact that Japan had enslaved hundreds of thousands of women, Korean women and other Asian women, as sex slaves for their imperial army.

Why does Japan pay reparations to the Asian countries, China being in the first place, it invaded and colonized in WWII? I think Japans made the biggest genocide of the history of mankind ever faced so far.
They are little by little, look at this…

A japanese pornstar to make up for the fact so many of them were raped is offering free sex to chinese students...

One way I guess.
Since the topic for today is about Asian People?
Since the topic for today is about Asian People, just wanted to ask, "Have you ever noticed that most Asian Women are non confrontational?" There are a lot of people on her that likes Asian Women, and just as much who don't but I have never seen Asian woman get angry and start throwing racial slurs against other women because they refer to Asian women as sex slaves, have you noticed this as well?
Perhaps it is because we have heard it a million times. No matter how much we try to be successful in life as we seek the things any woman would seek, a husband and a family and financial security. Is that not what all women seek? It matters not that they belittle us and call us nothing but sex slaves for dirty old white men, for it only shows how ignorant they are. As if a white man is only worthy if he is with a white woman, if he chooses to select any other race then there must be some deficiency within him for the Asian women are just using him to acquire a green card and he too foolish to know it. =P Of Course, NOT ALL American White Women are like this, just the insecure jealous ones.
What's the stereotype for asian women?
I'm half asian, half american and whenever my husband tells people that he's married to an asian, they always say stuff like, "wow, you're lucky" or "how did you end up with her?"

I mean I know the stereotypes of other women, ie. latinos are sex crazy, caucasions are spoiled, african-americans are high and mighty (NOT SAYING THEY ARE TRUE but they are the stereotypes). So what is it for Asians-- are we seen as sex slaves or something?
Asian stereotypes?

They're submissive, in comparison to females of other races, and thus make more docile partners. They're hard working and more dedicated to family. They maintain a youthful appearance when other women look like hags. They're more focused on pleasing their partner, in and out of the bedroom. Sex slaves, no....just more compliant.

Stupid stereotypes. I can't give them much weight.
Why do ASIAN AMERICAN WOMEN like white guys?
Some asians dye their hair blonde. Some asian women hate the fact that they were born asian, hoping that they were white. These girls don't seem to have any pride in being asian. Do they buy into this stereotype that asian guys are not sexy or masculine, but too soft and a nice guy? Well, I say to these asian women, they have self esteem problems and identity crisis. They hate themselves. That is why they rather go with a white guy who treats them like trash and a sex slave than date an asian guy.
Start from the beginning.
1.Brainwashing from the white media.
Asian males are never portrayed as the macho or masculine
hero. They're always cast as nerdy/short/evil/gay/ emasculated/impotent/small penis/abusive/monk/kung fu master characters. Sometimes every trait listed above can be used on one single role.
The White males are always cool, hip,sexy, masculine, courteous, sensitive/caring and loving. Yeah Right! Have you forgotten
that domestic violence amongst whites is pretty high.

Most of time Asian-American males must fake an Asian accent
even if they have perfect English.
They are stuck in a "Perpetual Foreigner" state. The white media
doesn't want Asian-American males to be fully integrated into the
American mainstream society and look cool.
The Asian women (on TV and in film) that are going out with white guys are portrayed as being cool, hip and sexy and have
perfect English. According to TV and the Movies, going out with white guys seems like the only way to be fully integrated into the
American mainstream society.
The Asian girls are having these messages deeply imprinted in their minds at an early age. So when they grow up, they will find
white guys to be irresistible and Asian guys repulsive.

2. National strength of the predominantly white Western world and the attractiveness of it's males.

It is female instinct to find the the stronger male.
In the case for human females , the strength and Influence of a Nation will play a large part in the attractiveness of it's males.
If the Asian countries had more strength and status than America and western Europe, the white girls and asian girls would be strongly attracted to Asian males regardless of their country of birth or residence.
Did japanese army also captivate western women as comfort women(sex slave)during WW2?
I know that a lot of asian women were forced to be sex slave so called comfort women for japanese soldier. but I heard that lots of western women captured in the territory japanese army took over or british,American nurse captured after battle were also forced to be sex slave. is that true??
Yes. Watch the movie 'Paradise Road.' Read the text in the Wikipedia link under "production notes." This tells you the very, very important differences between the movie and the actual events.
What is about War which makes people cruel to each other??
When you think about it has there ever been a War where there hasnt been added cruelty
Romans- enslaved pretty much every other nation they came into contact with
World War 2-Jews exterminated by Nazi and 200000 asian women made sex slaves for Japanese soldiers It even happens in todays wars. In Iraq some American soldiers abused Iraqi prisoners.
Greed,power, thinking that you are better.To bad we can't come up with an anti hate pill.

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